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what’s up guys map from babe you see back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest and herb they’ve been using content now this we have got another liquid-vapor to bring you guys and this is a 5-10 thread see so compatible cartridge favored Iser and then it’s the hippie nano so the hippie vape our crews that are coming out of America that also known for the Apollo X air vegg which is a super light super compact dry herb vaporizer but this vape as I’ve mentioned is compatible with 510 thread cartridges making it perfect for that US and Canadian leavin market so inside the kit we have the vaporizer itself which is really the smallest vaporizer on the market so they state that in this description themselves and this is like when you sort of compare this to other the 510 thread vaporizers on the market it’s easily like half the size so while this pen is a little bit narrower it’s almost twice as long so this vaporizers perfect for taking out on the go using those 510 thread cartridges so opposed for aside from to the C cell cartridge that comes included with the kit and you get the wax vaporizer suppliers and this little micro USB charging cable in the base so you just pop out this little cardboard tab here and it reveals that micro USB cable there which can be used with any power bank or USB charging port and that just plugged directly into the back of the device you can see that five pen five pin port there so the hippie nano like most goods these sell veyts comes equipped with three different voltages starting on the green clicking it up three times gets it to red and blue so obviously if you’re dealing with thicker oils you’re gonna want to use the higher voltage but most this little bit you’re gonna pick up from the dispensary is going to just be fine to use on where you can get the most of those essential terpenes with that so basically if I was going to use this hippie nano just with a cartridge and just unscrew the C cell cartridge that comes equipped by C cell obviously the ceramic cell put that side to now I’ve got a distillate cartridge to some pineapple Express is the linen that I’m using with this q-tip pen now the reason I love this hippie Nano is the way that it actually operates is different to the normal pen start obviously the pen Yin just how down like this this one I prefer this would have holding like a gun a little bit like this see if you got your finger sort of on the trigger and it’s a lot more discreet if you’re using it in public you can sort of disguise it in your hand and no one’s really gonna see what you’re up to so obviously this one here would just crank up that voltage a little bit we can get a big cloud for the video charges very quickly obviously I think about an hour this one from start to finish it was flashing indicating that was ready to be used it also has a preheat function if you double click that button so this is the function button I’ll just do that now we’ll see what kind of clouds this thing blows I don’t just flash red and to indicate that it’s preheating and I just changed its heating by turning to green indicating that was ready to tow so all-in-all guys a very simple device very discreet very user friendly so anyone out those looking for a compatible 510 thread vape to use with their cartridges check out the hippie Niner and remember to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest and vaping news intact thanks guys